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A piece of furniture

our concept


We have created our Bikerax for the design conscious.  It not only holds your bikes but it looks like a piece of contemporary furniture that should be inside, not hidden in the garage or tucked away in the spare room.  This Bikerax should be on display along with your most prized possessions, your bikes!

Our values

our Customers

We are so confident that you will love our product that we offer a 7 day satisfaction guarantee minus any return delivery costs. We pride ourselves on the quality and design of our product.

Slick Design

not just a rax 

Our Bikerax are designed to fit into the most contemporary of homes. Our Bikerax are designed to look like a piece of furniture not a clunky piece of garage equipment. Our compact design means they are light in weight for posting or transporting to your next cycling event, and squeeze into the smallest of spaces, perfect for an apartment or balcony with some outside cover.


and enduring

Designed for indoor use, or outside use in a dry protected position.  Suitable for an apartment or balcony with some overhead protection.


eco Friendly

Each and every one of our Bikerax have been made from sustainable timber right here in Melbourne, our product is strong and is built to last.



From concept to completion, every step of our product has been designed, created and produced by locals who have a love for bikes and bike riding.



A piece of Furniture

Smart and Stylish bike storage system for your bike